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  /  Antonella Morlino

It will be that as a child her favorite game was the treasure hunt, it will be for her innate attraction to the world of vintage markets that Antonella turns over time a passion into a real work.
Graduated in 1990 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in set design, for years she collaborates with theaters, production companies and with the largest Italian television centers dealing with the design of scenographies and the search for furniture elements for sets. During the years she prefers to take care of the scouting and the restoration of vintage design objects, and she collaborates with auction houses as an expert for valuations on lighting objects of the ’70s /’80/’90.
And it is precisely the lighting that will become her world for many years after; since 1997 she is Head of Communication and P.R of one of the most famous design lighting companies in Italy. The world of relationships is surely her source of inspiration, territory on which she moves with dexterity establishing virtuous connections between the professionals of the media and communication.
Her mission at VentiVenti Agency: scouting locations and researching design props.