Chiara / Hospitality and organization

Communication and events within the prestigious hotel industry represent the terrain on which Chiara has moved since the 1980s. A lover of contemporary design and art, she studies luxurious spaces in which to welcome guests to make them feel at home even if far from their home, thanks also to premium and tailored made services. The last major project he conceived was My Christmas Venice, a schedule of events in which the art and magic of Christmas mixed together to create an authentic and highly emotional atmosphere. For Venti Venti Evolutionary Agency, Chiara creates and plans special events, as well as coordinating the dedicated services.

Stefania Antonini / The balance of Marketing

Testimonial of brands dedicated to animal lovers, Guia Blue Lady is the embodiment of the perfect harmony found in nature. The penetrating gaze, the velvety coat and the innate elegance make it the perfect corollary of the locations of Venti Venti Agenzia Evolutiva.