Elena Ferrarotti

Beauty traveller

Elena and her idea that each step taken must lead to the most beautiful moment of one’s life.
She is Curious, lover of journeys as a knowledge experience, Art enthusiast and with a deep sense of justice. The same sense of justice that had lead her to graduate in Law and take care of others, sharing each personal vicissitude.
With the same spirit, and aiming at combining culture and law, aware that passion, education and talent must be safeguarded and protected, she had been representing actors as their agent for fifteen years, becoming their point of reference. Art and show business are quintessentially random. Their importance is often left behind, but what would we do without actors, music, dance and literature? Nothing more than Art can realise dreams, vision, ideals. We have become used to satisfying fleeting and easily available needs, living superficially, withering and avoiding to nourish our true essence. We have lost the sense of beauty, often taste, when beauty and good should represent the cornerstones of human research. We have before us extraordinary opportunities to revolutionise our look.
Elena’s mission in the Venti Venti Agenzia Evolutiva is to safeguard the Italian artistic heritage, by enhancing it and proposing it to advertising, television and music productions in an original way and appropriately.