Lora Had is a Bulgarian Filmmaker based in Milan. She has graduated in television direction at Sofia’s university. Eclectic, she can convey an intense emotional impact in all her works.

Claudia Fernstrom, stage name Lawrence, is an Italian actress and dancer. Versatile actress, she studied classical ballet in different cities: Florence with Kyra Nijinski, Paris with Nora Kiss and Stockholm with Lilian Carina. Claudia studied contemporary, character and ‘eukinetica’ dance with Mady Obolensky. After studying and working as a dancer in Paris, in 1953 she was Prima Ballerina in the film-magazine ‘Tarantella Napoletana’ by Camillo Mastrocinque starring Teddy Barnett. In the same year for this part, she received the dance award ‘Maschera D’argento’. In the early fifties still, she worked with Alessandro Fersen at Nottambuli di Roma. She made her TV breakthrough as Prima Ballerina with Norma Thomson in the variety show ‘Un, due, tre’ starring Raimondo Vianello and Ugo Tognazzi. She choreographed for Genoa’s Piccolo Teatro and, from 1959 to 1960 she was the star attraction next to Paolo Poli at Genoa’s Borsa di Arlecchino, under the direction of Aldo Trionfo. In 1960 she followed Poli in his same name company, as actress, dancer and choreographer. In During 1971 she starred in ‘Il giardino dei ciliegi’ by Giorgio Strehler, in Milan’s Piccolo Teatro. In 1977 she went back to work with Aldo Trionfo and Tonino Conte at Genoa’s Teatro della Tosse. In 1996 she starred in ‘L’anima buona del Sezuan’ directed by Giorgio Streheler, in Milan’s Piccolo Teatro, Teatro Studio. In 2020 she has taken part to the tenth edition of Italia’s Got Talent where, after a singing and dance performance, she has managed to get to the final thanks to judge Frank Matano’s Golden Buzzer. She has ranked third at the end of the competition.