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Stefania Antonini / Enhancement and respect for cultures

Elena Hu is the perfect fusion between two millenary cultures, which have their roots in the history and in the infinite beauty of the places.
Born in China in the Zhejiang region, arrived in Italy at the age of 3, she grew up between two completely different cultures with a spirit attracted by colors, shapes, art and design. Perceiving strong emotions in admiring such beauty.
“Over time I realized that they were the fuel of my vitality and my desire to create.” I love to eat well and travel. I am fascinated by the magic of places, and being a person who needs new challenges, I have turned my life upside down by dedicating my time to the beauty of buildings.” Hence the love for real estate development, he attended the Rita Pederzoli Ricci master class in real estate development, setting up the property finder activity for Chinese customers looking for properties in Italy.
“Satisfying people’s needs by finding tailor-made homes for them gives me the opportunity to continuously search for properties instill with beauty, often hidden to be brought to light. I would like to convey the “magic” and the emotions I feel, proposing unforgettable locations where they can create unique moments and memories that will remain etched in their memories forever. ”

For Venti Venti Agency she deals with the Asian market, offering unique locations and every type of exclusive service to an international clientele with specific needs.