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Location Scouting

Interior styling for advertising,
television, movie productions;
Interior styling for photoshoots;
Digital Scenography;
Scenographic set-up


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Research and selection of the most appropriate actors to interpret the screenplay characters of a film work, television, or commercial spot. The long-standing experience gained in the industry allows to quickly identify suitable subjects for any production, avoiding useless waste of time and energy for the client.


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Temporary rental of furniture and objects for any scenography, Longterm rental and fully-equipped Mood Box to enhance the setting, coordinated by our online consultant.


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Draw-up of strategic plans to develop small territorial institutions by creating events and enhancement of local traditions through targeted communication and marketing experience.


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Property e Real Estate Staging

Real estate development plan
Emotional video
Tour experience
Real estate storytelling
Professional photo shooting for Real Estate


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Event Management, Customer care

Set up of the whole event, counting on various experts, each one with an own explicit quality Event Planning, Event Designer, Venue Manager and Communication professionals. Relying on our skills, the client can find, in the same structure, expertise usually referring to various entities, optimising time and costs.


Phone: +39 351 6545358

Environmental Sanitization

All of our locations are incoming and outgoing sanitized, thanks to a biological and nontoxic system not harmful for man and animals, through a licensed health device that guarantees with a receipt a legal guarantee of treatment.

Props rental

We offer a prop rental service dedicated to set designers, photographers, stylists, home stagers, temporary stores and events. Chairs, tables, armchairs, lamps, paintings, vintage items and small objects ideal for setting up photo sets, television studios, video production sets for commercials or TV programs. Our team is available to identify the furnishings that best meet the layout and mood needs.


Tel: +39 348 8806198

"Ethereal in its touch, it makes palpable the emotion that creates added value to the intrinsic qualities of the property to make it a real home. I had the good fortune to meet Rita and her work, her ethics and her professionalism, to understand how much work there is behind the scenes to tune every detail with the melody of a house. "

"We make your properties mobile"

"Very high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Ad-hoc services with a unique style that I choose with pride and utmost confidence for my real estate development projects."

"We communicate with places as an appendix to those who live there"“Comunichiamo con i luoghi come appendice di chi li abita”

"An excellent professional, super prepared for any type of real estate development and with a unique and sophisticated aesthetic sense. Able to transform even a "poor" apartment into a princely castle. It was (and will be) a pleasure to collaborate with you for our projects! "

Emma Elena has been my agent for about 10 years. At first it didn't go well: I wanted to do things my way, she wanted to bring her experience. In a short time, however, we learned to know, listen and value ourselves: he put effort and dedication in understanding who I was, in my strengths and defects, in my limitations and in my follies and he used all this to make me a unique and precious 'commodity'. To date, he is the person who has been able to value me and represent me better than anyone.

Location Finder

We are able to find you the perfect location for all your production needs, be it a photo shoot, an event, or a television project.

Do you need a person to follow you in the paperwork or in the search for the right objects and furnishings? Through our Design Box Butler Click® you will be delivered all the objects, furnishings and fabrics useful for your service directly in the chosen location and one of our representatives will keep you constantly updated, from the moment of confirming the location, until your arrival on site. You just have to start your work with serenity. Ciak turns the set is ready.

    An ideal location for events, the large spaces and the panoramic view towards the sea make it the ideal setting for any type of ceremony.