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Venti Venti Agenzia Evolutiva: the origins

Twenty is a symbolic number. It incorporates the topic of duality, referring to the concepts of union as well as harmony, love, cooperation and scalability.
Besides, Twenty is the number of years that the founders have been spending in the fields of art, design and show business.
Venti Venti Agenzia Evolutiva is a legacy of experiences and creativity that today serve a unique and innovative project to create value through the storytelling of the settings.


Prestige, Art and aesthetics meet to create value

Prestige, Art and aesthetics meet to create value. Home is a container of emotions for who lives in it, but also for who is only in passing.
Whether it is the stage of an entire existence or the scenery of life instants, any abode represents a priceless sentimental value.

Thanks to Venti Venti Agenzia Evolutiva this value could also become an economic one.


Converting the most charming dwellings into experiential settings, through the registered formula Rita Perderzoli Ricci Luxury Property Value¬ģ: movie and television sets, commercial shoots, but also extraordinary locations to realise memorable events.
This will enable production companies and creative agencies to keep focused on the optimal realisation of the project, as well as allowing the owner client to have a constant income in both private use and pre-sale phases. Furthermore, real estate agencies will have, within their portfolio, perfectly set up and photographed homes, without any cost burden, speeding up the sale.
The project Venti Venti is a symphonic experience in which the most sophisticated professionals of residing, historical excellences and the Made in Italy ones meet to add value to reality and turn it into a dream.


Creativity is the way of seeing things.

Are you a production company?
We will search on your behalf for the perfect location all over Italy, and we will support you in your specific needs.

Are you a property owner willing to turn it into an exclusive set for advertising, television, movie or event productions?
Contact us we will propose this effectively.

Are you a real estate agency, an architect, a home stager?

Are you designing or dealing with a property and willing to submit it to us to offer an extra service to your client?

Contact us we will be pleased to take into consideration its potential together.