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Stefania Antonini / Marketing balance

The mind is like a parachute. It only works when opened. This is what Stefania would do if she were a sentence.
Loving experimentations, Stefania enjoys playing around with ideas, implementing both her creativity and analytic ability. She likes the sense of accomplishment, felt when fulfilling a hard and complicated task. She is keener on innovations and dynamic circumstances rather than more traditional and steady ones, for this reason, she went from Foreign Language High School to Foreign Languages and Literature faculty with the idea of ‘spying’ on the world. Cultures, habits and faraway people from whom she has always been trying to learn, knowing that the actual barriers are not of a linguistic but of a mental kind.
Curiosity was the common thread marking her professional career, varied and eclectic but interconnected with her interest in communication. She worked in the radio and television fields, where she happened to manage artists with diverse personalities, always finding a winning communication channel, deeply empathizing with all her colleagues and coworkers. She has been expanding for some time her passion for interior communication by practising yoga. She has decided to become an instructor of this beautiful discipline, reinforcing more and more her inner equilibrium, the balance between meditation and sensitivity.
Stefania’s mission within the Venti Venti Agenzia Evolutiva is to stabilize the identity of the agency and provide the offered services more diffusely.


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